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(Geo)Caching In!

Geocaching Profile for FaberOptiméActively participating since the 29th of December, 2007, here's a few statistics about Faber Optimé geocaching activities.
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As at today (the stats shown opposite may be more up to date), 130 geocaches have been found, with the 100th find on the 23rd of January, 2009. A full list of Faber Optimé geocache finds can be found here.

Six geocaches have been hidden in New Zealand, attracting 128 separate visits (109 finds, 19 did not find), with the Northland God of the Forest cache proving to be the most popular. Auckland's Cutter Dog cache was found the easiest; Northland's Look Out Waipoua! cache the hardest.

Overseas visitors have included people from Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, America, the Czech Republic, British Columbia, Nepal and Canada.

GeocacheLast Found# of Visits Found DNF
Look Out Waipoua! (Northland)20/10/200815510
Te Matua Ngahere - Father of the Forest (N'land)22/02/200921210
God of the Forest (Northland)22/02/200927243
Point of No Return (FAR North)19/02/200922211
Cutter Dog (Auckland)27/01/200923230
Inaugural (Auckland)3/01/200920155

Faber Optimé also has 14 active trackable items in circulation - 13 Travel Bugs (TB) and one Geocoin (GC).

Altogether these have visited eleven different countries over four continents, travelling approximately 121,187km (or 75,302 miles) around the world.

The Holy TB, promoting awareness about global warming, was the most well travelled; the Sol TB (an innovative sundial design) was the most popular with finders.

NameLast Logged# of LogsTravelled
Faber Optimé - Holy26/02/20091647,653 km
Faber Optimé - Sol2/03/20094022,503 km
Faber Optimé - Stella24/02/20092719,385 km
Faber Optimé - Count On Me2/03/20091419,060 km
Faber Optimé - Gettin Sexy!6/11/2008213,523 km
Faber Optimé - Divine Earth3/01/2009183,111 km
Faber Optimé - Saturday's Child27/08/2008112,300 km
Chip Off The Old Block26/12/2008112,294 km
Faber Optimé - Quadrum23/01/200918655 km
Faber Optimé - Vireo29/12/20089324 km
Faber Optimé - Crusta Niveum1/03/200914321 km
Faber Optimé - Triangulum26/04/2008645 km
Faber Optimé - Mon Chat7/12/2008713 km
Faber Optimé - Hajj13/07/200820 km

Every geocache and trackable item has its own character and story!

See visitor/finder logs and photos by clicking on item names above (links open in a new window).

Date & Time Posted 3/04/2009 11:16:00 PM, Wednesday, 4 March 2009, by Faber Optimé.
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