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News and announcements from Faber Optimé.

Square Eyes

YouTube was selected as the Faber Optimé preferred host for video on the 12th of November, 2007.
The Faber Optimé YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/faberoptime) now attracts around 200 viewers each day.

It includes eight videos, comprising over 46 minutes of original material and has obtained over 19,000 views and more than 40 user comments, with an average rating of .

Nearly 13,000 people have watched the ten minute video "Living Under the Shadow of the Nuclear Umbrella", promoting nuclear disarmament; over 5,000 people enjoying videos promoting New Zealand.


Northland Secrets07:42 AM, 2nd of March, 20095:05203Not Yet Rated0
Orakei Korako - "The Hidden Valley"11:09 PM, 7th of February, 20094:243060
Goat and Fish05:23 PM, 27th of January, 20095:203320
Merry Christmas 200801:29 AM, 24th of December, 20081:001,3910
Auckland Zoo Tiki Tour03:35 AM, 16th of July, 20089:271,0930
Living Under the Shadow of the Nuclear Umbrella07:24 PM, 7th of June, 200810:0012,88140
What to do when bored of life - Auckland Sky Tower Jump!02:11 AM, 13th of April, 20088:403,0031
Partner In Crime11:01 PM, 10th of April, 20082:1496Not Yet Rated1

Three YouTube Playlists have also been created to expedite responses to public requests for specific themed materials.
Video Optimé includes all the major Faber Optimé films; Some New Zealand Highlights comprises just those films with New Zealand thematic content and C'est Moi, has just the films featuring personal Faber Optimé appearances.

Date & Time Posted 3/04/2009 11:38:00 PM, Wednesday, 4 March 2009, by Faber Optimé.
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